Trade: another reason to visit Hessen

A few weeks ago I got a special request from a new trader at Bread Exchange. Stefanie’s parents where coming to Berlin and I was asked if I could bake for their breakfast. Not just one bread, but 3. The trading offer was amazing. The parents owns a gourmet butcher in south of Germany and they would be trading with … Read More

ElmlidTrade: another reason to visit Hessen

the Bread Exchange – Everything is not for sale.

Almost two years ago I started this little project, called the Bread Exchange. It has been a really good times. Mainly because the project has connected me with such great people. The Bread Exchange network brings me often to the ones that are into the same things as myself; Traveling, Design, People and, of course, Food. They come from different … Read More

Elmlidthe Bread Exchange – Everything is not for sale.


Finally it is here! THE FALL!!! Sun is shining. The markets are more exiting then ever. Finally I get to wear my bavarian fall outfits. We girls are getting together for mushroom hunts and fleemarkets. The summer dust needs to get cleaned away so that there is space and mood for making dinners for my friends at home. Oh how … Read More


The search is over.

It took 2 years and I think we will get along well. He is now pimped up with a vintage saddle, leather handles, suitable bell, latex straps and traditional pedals. Thank you Ido for helping out! And thank you Mapa for the Xmas present. And thanks Niels for taking him with you in your car to Berlin. I can’t wait…

ElmlidThe search is over.

Perfect Midsommar Picnic

Jessica, you made us the best Danish Lagkage I have tried! Rahel, you were shining stronger then anyone. How many times did the kids ask you if you just got married? And your Strawberries/Chevre/Balsamico sallad. Yum. And the tomato/Mozarella sticks with white ribbons. Beautiful. Steffi, so nice to meet you again. Looking forward to Monday! And the next glas of … Read More

ElmlidPerfect Midsommar Picnic


The Midsummer night is full of hidden powers. Especially when it comes to love and fertility. At home they say that if you do things right you will dream of who is your husband to be. But there are tons of rules. Like if you pick the flowers from the churchyard, the spell is stronger. It did not work this … Read More


with a little help from friends

I had been posting for help at my Facebook group for Bread Exchange and everything is made by help from the Bread friends. Thank you soo soo much all of you! Not to forget everyone that posted on the blogs, feeds, facebookprofiles or simply spread the word by mouth, thank you! Konradin – For bringing me fresh grounded Brandenburg organic … Read More

Elmlidwith a little help from friends

the Bread Exchange

It is finally up and running here on the blog too. Maybe there will be an end on my embarrassing waste of Bread. The last 1,5 years has been full of testing and experimenting with different tastes and bread consistences. I got  really deep into it. It became my new way of meditation. Like cooking or Guitar playing was before. … Read More

Elmlidthe Bread Exchange