the best house guests

I am having friends over from Australia. And I love having guests over. There is just one little thing. I know I am risking to sound weird now but it does not matter. So, I do not like when my bathroom looks messy. I am not talking about having the floor soaked or people forgetting to take their hair away. … Read More

Elmlidthe best house guests

San Francisco

When I was 14 I was very determinately trying to move abroad. The easiest way was an exchange year. I was way too young but I had already filled out all application, written all the letters, collecting all pictures for the personal presentation even though there was 2 years before I could even be allowed to go. I decided to … Read More

ElmlidSan Francisco

on my bike to Sausalito

If you place just one of these Lavender bouquets on the back of your bike you will share the amazing smell with everyone you pass on your journey. And if you happen to be in the States, don’t miss to pick up a copy of the beautiful San Francisco magazine KINFOLK – A guide for small gatherings

Elmlidon my bike to Sausalito

The Parsonage

The Parsonage. This Bed and Breakfast is run by the Joan and John in the smoothest and most charming way. This 23 roomVictorian house from 1883 is full of original details. The 5 rooms they are  renting makes you feel at home. And the parlors brings you back to another time. But the greatest thing about the Personage is Joan and … Read More

ElmlidThe Parsonage

San Francisco Bound

I am going to San Francisco. And I am very excited about it. I have one meeting planned and the rest is Free. Since this trip came to me on a short notice I would be very very very thankful for your help. I would be so thankful for any suggestions on Food, Places, Routes and People. You know I … Read More

ElmlidSan Francisco Bound

Bread Exchange needs Help

Multitasking has always been my favorite sport. But there are limits. I never thought this would happen but Bread Exchange needs help. ASAP. No, I am not looking for an intern to help me fold the dough or to make handwritten bags for everyone I am trading with. Nor do I look for someone to do the dirty work of … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange needs Help

Finnish Comfort Bread

So now it happened. Someone decided to trade a BREAD for a Selfmade BREAD in my Bread Exchange project. I think most people are aware that if there is something that I am not lacking, then it is bread. However, There is one bread I AM lacking; Finnish Rye Sourdough. I am brought up on this bread and I have very … Read More

ElmlidFinnish Comfort Bread

Die schönste alle Ringe

Today I broke my favorite Ring. It was a gift from my dear friend Gonca from our last visit in München. It was made out of Lava stones and she had brought the ring from Bali. This morning it broke as I was standing on the balcony looking out over the Baverian countryside. The little stones fell down over the … Read More

ElmlidDie schönste alle Ringe