This is Fred.

He is responsible for the amazing labels Nigel Cabourn, Filson and Red Wing throughout the German Speaking world. This is not the reason why we became friends though. It is rather the fact that we share the nerdy dedication for storytelling and high quality products that brought us together. He was the one that connected me with the guys at … Read More

ElmlidThis is Fred.

It is not always glamourous to travel with sourdoughs.

Sometimes it grows too fast at the wrong time. Or at the wrong place. Like in my car. And sometimes it explodes. Luckily NOT in my car. Yet. Anders was not used to living so closed to the sourdough. We had to stop from time to time as he felt a bit sick. I sat down and waited for him … Read More

ElmlidIt is not always glamourous to travel with sourdoughs.

Where Manna falls from Heaven

Even though I am not at all religious, I feel close to it somehow. Being in Sinai freshens up my memories from Sunday School when I was a kid.  The stories of Joseph (son of Jacob and Rachel). Of Abraham and Sarah who counted the stars in the desert to see how many children they would get. And Moses of … Read More

ElmlidWhere Manna falls from Heaven

What is a perfect Holiday?

Depends on your needs you’ll say. To me a perfect holiday has to Speed up my pulse a bit. Like NYC does. Make me relax. I do not really feel like I need this but I assume that I do. But none of above 2 satisfies me if not my main purpose for holiday is achieved: To learn something. So … Read More

ElmlidWhat is a perfect Holiday?

Land of Fayrouz

I needed a break. And this sure is. It is scenic here.

ElmlidLand of Fayrouz

Care Package for Christmas

Thank you family Dolls!!! I have been trading with Stefanie Doll for a while now. In December it was Peanutbutter balls, Caramel, Marmalade and home made Mustard from my family. She has been trading different specialties from her parents gourmet food store in south Hessen. She has the sweetest mom on earth too. Her mom has set together a care … Read More

ElmlidCare Package for Christmas

a Dior shade of Bread

If Dior was a color, I guess it has to be the dove gray tone used on labels and in their stores. It is a very feminine and elegant gray. Personally, I find it a bit too flat. There’s a limit to how exciting one can get in that color. Especially when you are Blond. But for labeling, I find … Read More

Elmlida Dior shade of Bread