Finally it is here!


Sun is shining. The markets are more exiting then ever. Finally I get to wear my bavarian fall outfits. We girls are getting together for mushroom hunts and fleemarkets. The summer dust needs to get cleaned away so that there is space and mood for making dinners for my friends at home. Oh how I love September. Especially in Berlin. As always.

I can not believe that it is one year ago since I went to Höje and did a little internship at Lars Gustavssons Bakery. So much has happen since then.

September is a month when one can eat almost Vegiterian since it is just sooo much good stuff out there.

Favorites that are ready to eat in September:

  • Spinach
  • Truffle
  • ALL Herbs
  • Pumpkin
  • Mangold
  • Artichoke
  • Corn
  • All types of roots
  • Leek
  • All types of Berries
  • Apples
  • And you get the best fishes, shell fish and wild meat you can think of…

So, my suggestion, run around outside all day to get the last days of sunlight. Pick inspiration and products at the market. And stay home at night and cook with your friends. That is what I will do this September.

This is what I made last September.WP_Sept_September


6 Comments on “September”

  1. Hanna

    Lovely inspiration! I had to run out of the office and go for a long walk in the woods of Småland. Oh the air!
    Cook up a vegetarian stew tonight perhaps…

  2. Elmlid

    Great :) Please let me know what you end up doing!!

    I just threw all I got at the market this morning (Squash, Rosemary, Thyme, Carrots, Onions, and Chicory) in a pan together with some Merlot, Artichokes and Chicken. Now cooking in the oven. I think I will have it just like that with a few slices of bread. God, it smells soooo good..

  3. Hanna

    Oh my gosh, that sounds wonderful! I bet it will be a taste-sensation to enjoy that meal…
    I put beetroot (which I got from mum and dad’s garden), carrots, cherry tomatoes, thyme, aubergine, red onion, garlic, feta cheese and some grilled chicken (leftovers) in the oven. Since I had no sauce in it, I simply put some cottage cheese on top with cracked pepper and seasalt. It tasted soo fresh!
    Think I will have to try your dish some time soon tho :)

  4. Elmlid

    Nice! I think I will make that today. But maybe skip the chicken since I had that yesterday. With some Lamb burgers on the side and some chevre that I have laying around!

  5. Sturm

    Hi Malin, I just want to say, how much I love reading your blog! Its well done & very inspiring! … and you get me hungry every time:-) Cheers, Stephanie

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