Greetings from the Gayest Weekend on Earth

I can not believe I am going online with this post. But this is how I spend my last weekend. Making Christmas candy. And Wrapping them in fine black boxes with silk paper. An assorted selection to give away to friends. I felt like a post-modern Martha Stewart. I had  O-Deed on sugar I could not stop laughing and I … Read More

ElmlidGreetings from the Gayest Weekend on Earth

Christmas Presents from Bread Exchange

It does not matter if you missed the opening of the Christmas Pop-Up shop at BOLD. You can still get your presents at the store at Gormannstrasse 23. I got together with Gerard and Melina from Bread Exchange and we are selling some Bread Spread there until December 21st. You can get: Swiss Quinces with Champagne and Lime Dulce de … Read More

ElmlidChristmas Presents from Bread Exchange

For a good sake

Some pictures from last night at BOLD. Sweet Svenja and Julia! Gonca did a great job collecting money for FRIEDENSDORF e.v. Bread Exchange brought Black (White) Bread colored with Charcoal (all ingredients from Bread exchange trading). I love the look of the black bread to the white butter and pink Quinces. There were also some Lavender Carmel Cookies for sale. … Read More

ElmlidFor a good sake

Good Mood Day

Care Packages are probably one of the safest way to make my day. I love to make them. I behave like a kid when I get them. Saskia, my german friend who moved to Paris due to Love, cheered me up with one today. The package was filled with sea salted caramel. Her boyfriend has a house in the south … Read More

ElmlidGood Mood Day

Eat with me

In September I traded A black sea salted sourdough with an Australian girl. Bethany Jones brought me Vegimate and a chili plant. I am really skeptical towards Vegimate. The one and only time I tried it was during a road trip in the Brittish coutry side. I remember I spread a fat black layer of Vegimate on my toast, like … Read More

ElmlidEat with me

Trading over the boarders

Sometimes I get request from other countries if I can send bread. No, it is not so good to send bread. But if you know someone going to Berlin, you can arrange for them to pick it up and bring it to you. I would love to do that. Thats what I did yesterday. Lenneke from Rotterdam send her Love … Read More

ElmlidTrading over the boarders


On the top of my wish list for trading goods was a Horse. And now, lucky me, I finally got it! Thank you Nina. Your Hannoveraner is not just hansom and talented. He is also schmosig. Trade Suggestions: Connection to someone with a Horse. Or a Sailboat (thanks for the sailing sessions at Wannsee Martin!) A spot on the guestlist. … Read More


Hey little Bro.

Do you want my old mens Barbour coat? I just found something new.

ElmlidHey little Bro.

Trade: another reason to visit Hessen

A few weeks ago I got a special request from a new trader at Bread Exchange. Stefanie’s parents where coming to Berlin and I was asked if I could bake for their breakfast. Not just one bread, but 3. The trading offer was amazing. The parents owns a gourmet butcher in south of Germany and they would be trading with … Read More

ElmlidTrade: another reason to visit Hessen