Trading over the boarders

Sometimes I get request from other countries if I can send bread. No, it is not so good to send bread.

But if you know someone going to Berlin, you can arrange for them to pick it up and bring it to you. I would love to do that.

Thats what I did yesterday. Lenneke from Rotterdam send her Love to my place and he picked up a Rosemary bread. In exchange Lenneke had brought me Marroni flour from Tuscany and a lovely bracelet with a pom pom that she made. Thank you Lady!

You can find her blog “a little Hamster” here. And her jewlery here.

Can’t wait to use the flour. Not sure what I will do with it yet.


ElmlidTrading over the boarders

4 Comments on “Trading over the boarders”

  1. Pia

    Just thinking the same, i do not understand people complaining of that weather, it is georgeous,people just get yourself the right clothes and enjoy it. i love battling against the weather telling it hihi i’m still not THAT cold!
    Greetings from cold Bonn to an even colder Berlin I suppose
    P.s. I’d trade a lot for your bread or sea salt caramels, I’m in berlin end of december how about some proper KÖlsch as a trade?;-)

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