On the top of my wish list for trading goods was a Horse. And now, lucky me, I finally got it! Thank you Nina. Your Hannoveraner is not just hansom and talented. He is also schmosig.

Trade Suggestions:

  • Connection to someone with a Horse. Or a Sailboat (thanks for the sailing sessions at Wannsee Martin!)
  • A spot on the guestlist.
  • The book you read and really really liked.
  • Flour (Thank many of You. Especially Konradin!)
  • Something from Provence. Or wherever you go for holiday.
  • Your homegrown tomatoes or herbs.
  • Breadspread (Thank you Gaby!)
  • Olive Oil (Thank you Fee!)
  • Anything that goes with Bread actually.
  • Help.
  • Your best salad dressing (+ recipe ;)
  • Something from you Hometown.
  • Something with History.
  • High Quality Seasalt.
  • Pferd3

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