Scones to trade today!

I have been up since 6AM baking scones. This morning the US Magazine Food and Wine from  had pictures shoot at my home. I made 3 different kinds: * Canded Kumquats, carrot and raisin Scones * Choc Chip Scones with Seville Oranges * Raspberry Scones Now I am stuck with an insane amount of bread. Please trade with me. I … Read More

ElmlidScones to trade today!

Give yourself things

I knew I was not going to get it on my birthday. So I bought it for myself. Love Byredo.

ElmlidGive yourself things

Sugar cup Trade

Katharina made a delicious Spread for Sunday. It was a feta spread with cream cheese, herb de Provence, Olives and other veggies. Simple and yummi. My stomach was aching from the milk allergy but I could not resist. There is one thing worse then stomach ache, and that is having to stay away from Cheese. ————————- Bearbeitete foto. Orginal von … Read More

ElmlidSugar cup Trade

Patisserie Film trading

There were some good trades showing up at the Brunch last Sunday. Pati from Patisserie film made a Foamy Mousse with Red Beet, horseraddish and, to me and my Ladies excitement: lactose free Quark. So good with anything. Unfortunately the color is too much with Salmon. But it goes excellent to my black charcoal bread. ————————- Bearbeitete foto. Orginal von … Read More

ElmlidPatisserie Film trading

Dear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!

At the morning Yoga on the beach I met Rachel from Bournemouth. She is a 60 something Lady who travels the world since her husband William passed away 7 years ago. It has been really inspiring talking to her. We have been hanging out taking 4 hour long breakfasts and discussing life. There is something about old ladies that continues … Read More

ElmlidDear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!

Desert morning

I probably did not look as cool as I felt, But this morning I was galloping over the sand on a white Schimmel. Named Rambo.

ElmlidDesert morning

Black Pirate Coffee Crew

During March my friend Saskia from Paris has been staying with me. She has brought me on some new ideas. Like Spelt with Speltmilk spiced up with Staranis. We have have shared cravings for Sauerkraut and Mustard. And a heavy addiction to coffee. We drink so much coffee that we decided that it is time to put the Nespresso machine … Read More

ElmlidBlack Pirate Coffee Crew


Manufactum meeting yesterday was inspiring as always. I got some new ideas for both food and interior. That is the nice thing about the fashion field I work in. Levi’s Vintage is all about history and production so most clients I work with are just as fascinated about production processes, quality and the story behind things as myself. Often even … Read More


Bread Exchange is going to Hamburg

There is one store that I love above all. The store represent many Characteristics that I find typical German, It is a Loyal, but critical store. Not very modern. But you can trust its quality. It is a German very store. It is Manufactum. Today I am going to Hamburg for a meeting with the head buyer. This is a … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange is going to Hamburg