Sourdough Bread for Bavaria

Inspired by the region I decided to bake with beer today. In about 2 hours I have one bread to offer you: Todays Bread Exchange: Beer bread with Apricot. Turned out to be one of my favorite Bread. It is baked with flour from the “Kunstmühle” here in Munich and spiced up with keller beer from St. Georgen Bräu in … Read More

ElmlidSourdough Bread for Bavaria

And this, this is Rosario

It is due to him and Manuel am I able to Bake for you München! They are the angels at Bar Centrale in Lederstrasse. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! Rosario makes me the best cappuccino in the mornings. Everyday. And I make them Bread. Everyday. It is an amazing trade. ps. I like your style very much. —————————– Pictrus of … Read More

ElmlidAnd this, this is Rosario

This is Fred.

He is responsible for the amazing labels Nigel Cabourn, Filson and Red Wing throughout the German Speaking world. This is not the reason why we became friends though. It is rather the fact that we share the nerdy dedication for storytelling and high quality products that brought us together. He was the one that connected me with the guys at … Read More

ElmlidThis is Fred.

Bread Exchange in München

The upcoming week I will be working the Oven at Bar Centrale until they burn. Drop me a mail if you feel like trading! There will be Fresh Sourdough almost every day until Wednesday next week. I will use local ingredients like Flour from deer Kunstmühle and herbs from Tegarnsee. If you let me know in advance I will make … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in München

Help Needed – South west Bavaria

Please bring out your best hidden Secrets. I will try them and view them through my soft filter.

ElmlidHelp Needed – South west Bavaria

Bread Exchange in Småland.

Might be a bit off for most of you but in case you happen to be i the eastern part of South Sweden I would be happy to trade tomorrows Cranberry/Rosemary Sourdough with you. I can meet up anywhere along Emån. Or in Timmernabben, of course. Just let me know.

ElmlidBread Exchange in Småland.

Bread Exchange in Düsseldorf

If you happen to be in Düsseldorf, and would like to trade a Bread tomorrow night or Monday morning you have your chance. I can bring your loaf and would be happy to meet up in the city. Just send me a mail at

ElmlidBread Exchange in Düsseldorf

Manufactum at Bread Exchange

Manufactum did some Bread trading with me last week. They brought their favorite Fig Jam (can’t wait to try it with Goat cheese!) and Lemon, Orange Grapefruit jam. Yummi!

ElmlidManufactum at Bread Exchange

Bread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

I can offer: 2 Black wheat Sourdough with sage crust (colored with charcoal). I like them since the color plays with my mind and looks amazing with anything you decide to eat with it. They will arrive in Frankfurt on Thursday evening so send me a mail to as soon as possible if you like to trade one with … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

Coffee for Blue days

Dear Portland, Thank you for making Coffee for days not worth going out. And Dear Bread Exchange Traders, Thank you for trading it with me!

ElmlidCoffee for Blue days