Bread Exchange in München

The upcoming week I will be working the Oven at Bar Centrale until they burn.

Drop me a mail if you feel like trading!

There will be Fresh Sourdough almost every day until Wednesday next week. I will use local ingredients like Flour from deer Kunstmühle and herbs from Tegarnsee. If you let me know in advance I will make sure to bake one for you too.

I would love to trade anything locally produced that you can think of!

Just remember, sourdough takes at least 24 hours to make.


ElmlidBread Exchange in München

2 Comments on “Bread Exchange in München”

  1. malibu

    elmlid, you put so much effort into bread baking and charing. This is amazing! Just wanted to let you know. great pictures, good eye for details. ,love it.
    wish I could be part of it, I guess australia is too far….

  2. Elmlid

    Dear Malibu,
    Thank you for your Sweet words!!
    Yes, Australia is far.. But if you know anyone flying from Berlin, please let me know and I give them a bread to bring to you. It has been done before :)

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