Cortiina Hotel

Sourdough is resting. I am resting.

One of the better days in Life with the Sourdough.

Cortiina Hotel in München is perfect. Staying for 2 weeks.

I have 3 of the nights with a kitchen, I will make as much Sourdough as I can. Soon I will be baking for Bread Exchange at the Bar Centrale across the street.

  • Breakfast – Great
  • Bedsheets – Amazing
  • Kitchenette – check
  • Curtains – Love the fabric, where do I get it?
  • The “Lavender-that-makes-me-fall-asleep-asap”-spray for my pillow – YES!!!
  • And the people that works here are just great. This is my cup of tea.


ElmlidCortiina Hotel

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