Dear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!

At the morning Yoga on the beach I met Rachel from Bournemouth. She is a 60 something Lady who travels the world since her husband William passed away 7 years ago. It has been really inspiring talking to her. We have been hanging out taking 4 hour long breakfasts and discussing life.

There is something about old ladies that continues to fascinate me.

When I was younger I thought when women get older they get less and less attractive but men, on the contrary, earns handsomeness with aging. No clue where I got this from but I guess it was just something stupid that I heard but never really properly thought through. Just some kind of silent knowledge.

I have, luckily, changed my perspectives since then. And considering how more often we see old ladies in fashion these days I think I am not the only one (Think about the NYC blogger Ari Seth Cohen or Chanel choice of models SS11.)  I just love Ingmari Lamy, model and also blogger at Rodeo in Stockholm (this time in English:)

ingmari-lamy-rodeo-lanvinPicture 36

There is something incredibly attractive about the old ladies that no longer rely on other peoples opinion about their surface and got to the point that they simply like who they are. I love when they found style and made it effortless and strong. They have their focus on something bigger then themselves.

And I think that the kind of Women that I consider beautiful in their 30′s will always keep their glow when they are aging.

If you understand Swedish, you might find the Aging analysis by Susanne Ljung in the radio program Stil (P1). You can download the podcast.

ElmlidDear Mama, Happy Birthday! Jag Älskar Dig!

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