Bread Exchange in Berlin

Towards the weekend I will bake bread. Just send a mail to or comment here and I bake a bread for you! —————————- Found this little clip the other day: Stefanie, I love your idea of how to present your favorite books! And your hands are lovely too. You are not wearing FIRE from Chanel, are you? [vimeo][/vimeo]

ElmlidBread Exchange in Berlin


Berlin, dearest of Cities. Let me know if you like to share the Bread with me tomorrow. I would bake with love for you.


Early Morning Tasks

I woke up at 5 today. In my best mood. Not even the thought of the need to clean my fridge can drag me down today. My fridge. Yes. As I came home from 3 weeks traveling I had a light smell of death in my flat. Or death is the wrong descibtion, the smell is rather of some highly … Read More

ElmlidEarly Morning Tasks

Last Call for München

If you have the chance to come by Alöf Bakery in Glockenbachviertel today before 10 then I will bake a Hazelnut, Fig and Apricot Bread. I do not often use Hazelnuts but a traders here in München, Lady Sasha, reminded me of a Bread I once tried at Alvar och Ivar Bakery in Gothenburg. It is one of my (and … Read More

ElmlidLast Call for München

Bread Exchange Austria/CH

I am driving down to Lenzerheide to check out the store Pesko. On the way I will be passing Bregenz, Feldkirch, Vaduz. In case you are in the area, and would like to trade a bread, let me know! AND, the never ending search for the perfect Brezel is on,  in case you know where to go, feel free to … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange Austria/CH

Home is where your heart is

My First home is, without doubt, Berlin. My second one has to be Sweden where I was born and raised. I used to think that place number 3 is a mix of all the places around the world that made me feel like home. But at this very moment I think that Fischbachau in Bavaria has to take the third … Read More

ElmlidHome is where your heart is

échange de bons procédés

Today, Friday, I have be baked bread for a Gallery opening in Berlin. I will bake the most simple kind with just flour water and salt. They will be serving it with the raw milk butter. For you I have been baking 2 different kinds of Bread: 1) Half Dinkel Half White. It is still a white bread but it … Read More

Elmlidéchange de bons procédés

What Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

What do you do to not get a bad mood when your first thought when you wake up is the image of your hard-core-over-full schedule? And you wish you had the guts to drop the iphone that has been vibrating the whole night and now shows 232 new messages into the waterglas next to your bed ( if it wouldn’t … Read More

ElmlidWhat Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

Bread Exchange in Paris today

The Bread is ready to trade with you from 9am. I can meet  with you Anywhere in Marais, preferably at the (capsule) fair. Just email me at

ElmlidBread Exchange in Paris today

Bread Exchange on the Radio

Today at 15.40 they will talk about Bread Exchange at  a program called “Schöne Woche” at Radio Eins in Berlin. ————————– And Eric and Fabian, thank you for the great headphones! Perfect as a headset.

ElmlidBread Exchange on the Radio