Bread Exchange Austria/CH

I am driving down to Lenzerheide to check out the store Pesko. On the way I will be passing Bregenz, Feldkirch, Vaduz. In case you are in the area, and would like to trade a bread, let me know! AND, the never ending search for the perfect Brezel is on,  in case you know where to go, feel free to share!

I will of course do a stop in Wangen too. Fidelisbäck is not really the small high quality bakery that it once was, but it is still great. Thank you Andreas for sharing!


The picture is from last August in Wangen when my Swedish friend Anders and I did our theme-roadtrip “Deutscher als Deutschland” to get to know this country better.


ElmlidBread Exchange Austria/CH

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  1. Federica

    Oh Bregenz, I’ve been there…back in my youth. Those croissants look amazing. And is that you in the pic? Cute outfit!

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