a Breakfast from my Childhood

In a castle, far far away from here, there was a very very hansom knight. Sadly enough he never got married. The only disadvantage with mister Hansom was his lack of money and property (I only had a very small a windy castle). This is what he ate for Breakfast: French Toast. Or “Poor Knights” as we call them in … Read More

Elmlida Breakfast from my Childhood

A healthy breakfast

Vollkorn bread with avocado and omelette with goat cheese. Don’t forget lemon and chili on the avocado. Or go to Cafe’ Gitane on Mottstreet. It is just as good. But not as relaxing as here with me. Last night I made marmelade on Lemon and Mate tea. It was a great a bitter combination that works perfectly with dark bread. … Read More

ElmlidA healthy breakfast

Fikon Marmelad

If there is one sovenier I want to take with me home, then it is Fig Marmelade. Today we are cooking. We have picked 2 kg figs and will cook it with fine chopped ginger, 1 lemon and about 1 kg raw sugar. It is super simple, just cook it until it passes the running test (put a test spoon … Read More

ElmlidFikon Marmelad

Late night snack

The Garden is full of grapes and I am tired of taking the car to the market every morning to get fresh bread (I tend to be the morning bird in this crew…). So tonight I tried this Grape foccacia recipe that I will make for us tomorrow morning. For once my sourdough is staying home in Berlin so I … Read More

ElmlidLate night snack

Poached Salmon with Puy Lenses

Lately I found a food blog that I felt a special connection to, Scandifoodie. The blogger Maria, coming from Finland living in Sidney, seems to have a similar type of taste for food as myself and I have noticed that she has inspired me in some of my latest lunch dishes. You know like – you think you came up … Read More

ElmlidPoached Salmon with Puy Lenses

Müsli for mornings and desserts

My friend Jens in Sthlm thought I was the weirdest person on earth when he heard I still make müsli when living in Germany. And I guess he’s got a point: I never seen as much different healthy müsli mixes as here. But there is something nice about making it yourself. I love the smell of roasting the flakes. And … Read More

ElmlidMüsli for mornings and desserts

Got me hooked

The breakfast this morning was so good that I can not stop thinking about it. I could have it as dessert too.

ElmlidGot me hooked

Monday Mornings

Dinkel bread with fennel. Bergkäs and tomatoes. One is with Avocado. Yoghurt with müsli. Papaya and Grapefruit. Cinnamon and Ginger. And Beepollen. Coffee. Gingerwater.

ElmlidMonday Mornings

How do You like your crust?

Everyone likes it differently. I like it burned. When I bake for myself I let the oven get really hot and I keep it hot throughout the whole baking session. The crust gets thin and almost black but the inside stays gummy like and a bit moist. I love it! I have one bread like this to offer today. It … Read More

ElmlidHow do You like your crust?