Poached Salmon with Puy Lenses

Lately I found a food blog that I felt a special connection to, Scandifoodie. The blogger Maria, coming from Finland living in Sidney, seems to have a similar type of taste for food as myself and I have noticed that she has inspired me in some of my latest lunch dishes. You know like – you think you came up with it yourself but actually someone whispered it into your ear last week.

Just like her I am always having tons of food in my flat to cook with (and still feel like I have nothing. Kind of like the closet, the shoe wardrobe, the oil and cream suitcase – feeling that hits me way too often).

Now, I am not as lucky as her having a fridge of the size 447 L (I am fighting with my 105 L with a tiny tiny freezer. And this fight deserves its own post. I never thought I would end up considering wishing for a new fridge for Christmas).

Anyways. The other day she cooked poached Salmon with potatoes. This is my version of her dish. Perfect when you have no time. And even if my freezer is tiny I always make sure to have frozen salmon in there!

  • 1 piece of frozen Salmon
  • Lobster (or fish) fond
  • Baby Carrots (perfect for the season, why not in differen shades?)
  • 1 small onion
  • 0,5 dl of cooked Puy lentils. I cooked 2 dl this monday and it has saved my  lunch every day!
  • Zuccini
  • I Chiccory
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Mango Vinegar (or another one that you like. Taffel is suggesting Sherry.)
  1. Cut the fish in pretty big pieces and add the in a pan with hot boiling water (halfway covered). Add a littel bit of lobster fond and the chopped carrots. Turn the salmon once or you just use a lid so that they get cooked through. But not to long!
  2. Through away the water and put the salmon aside but keep warm under alu.
  3. add onions and zuccini. Fry with som chili.
  4. Add Chiccory, Cherry tomatoes and lentils and just let it all get warm.
  5. Spice it with the vinegar.
  6. Serve all together.

Super healthy. Super good. Super easy since you can change everything depending on what is around at home.

And makes you get going until that dinner event that you are going to tonight!

ElmlidPoached Salmon with Puy Lenses

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  1. Maria @ Scandi Foodie

    Thank you so much Malin! I am so glad you like my recipes! You have such beautiful photos in your blog, really stunning! Let me know if you’re ever coming to Sydney, I’d love to show you around! ;-) Maria x

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