I have been loaning to go to the states in September/October for so so long now. Last time I was for last years women’s fashion week but sorry, regardless of how much I love NYC, in September I want WOODS! And what would be better then Maple leaves in Connecticut? Or even better, Canada. Do you know?

Where is the prettiest place to go in the fall if you want breathtaking red-orange woods and crave for blueberry pancakes with a lot of real maple syrup?


If you know somewhere really nice, but without the blueberry pancakes, do not feel limited in your words. I can also make my own pancakes when I get there.

And If you know where to get good blueberry pancakes (with REAL maple syrup!) in Berlin. Please share with me. I have no clue and some mornings I am lazy.


4 Comments on “Canada***”

  1. BonjourJuliette

    - don’t know if i ever told you
    but your pictures are enchanting
    / they have on me the same effect
    as childhood’s tales…
    i love coming around here…

  2. Bardia

    You should definitely come to Canada! I recently drove across Canada (from Toronto to Vancouver) and found out how amazing the landscape is. If my plan wasn’t to go to Paris to become a chef and then move to Spain to have my own restaurant, I would definitely stay in Canada …

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