stilrad°° Zürich

Thank you for letting me use your Single Speed Vanmoof during my stay! It is perfect with the wine box in the front. Picture below is from when I got to borrow a bike in München. The Bread Exchange bike. Ideal for flour transportation… Tomorrow is the Gentlemen´s run in Zürich. Hopefully I will have bread tomorrow to feed the … Read More

Elmlidstilrad°° Zürich

So, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany

Zürich I will be trading bread in Zürich until Saturday. Just let me know in advance and I bake for you! I have two options for you: Today I have a bread prepared in Gruyere made with water from the Mountains and old gruyere. I used french seasalt and Canadian flour grinded in München. Tomorrow I will make what I … Read More

ElmlidSo, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany

TinTin and Coco at once

Bread Exchange once again brought me to a new shore. This time in Glade, close to Geneva. Right on the lake Janine took me to her favorite fish restaurant to show me how proper Filet de Perche should taste. And it tasted amazing. The restaurant even offers rooms upstairs and I was lucky to get the last one. Very very … Read More

ElmlidTinTin and Coco at once

Dear Lake Geneva,

Dear Lake Geneva, Thank you for letting me dive into you before breakfast this morning. But I have something that bugs me. What is up with your idea of privatized waterfronts? It is so uncool. Let’s share,ok? Kindest regards, Malin

ElmlidDear Lake Geneva,

Bread Exchange in Basel and Lake Geneva

Bread Exchange is trading in Basel today. What I got: * Sage Crusted Simple White Sourdough. Canadian flour. French Sea Salt and Water and Sage from Kitzbühel. (By the way, I need to find an oven for this one, any ideas??) * Walnut Sourdough with Canadian flour and French Sea Salt. Tomorrow in Geneva: * Beer Sourdough with Bavarian Kellerbier … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in Basel and Lake Geneva

Down hill with the sun.

Today felt like my first summer day this year. I haven’t had many (any??) pool days this summer so today I spend 3 hours doing nothing. At the pool. When I got tired of my own laziness (and after trying Herthas Kaiserschmarrn, which deserves its own post) I put on my jogging gear and climbed the mountain. Perfect Sunday. ———————— … Read More

ElmlidDown hill with the sun.

Up before sunrise

It started with an early and long walk up the hill and around the lake. I did not take a swim, but I envied the old lady that decided to. When I got back to the Villa Mellon Hertha made me Breakfast and I baked Bread. We ate together and were not finished until 12. I love mornings. Hertha told … Read More

ElmlidUp before sunrise

Bread Exchange in Kitzbühl

My plans got changed rapidly as my wishlist hotel turned out to be fully booked. Thoose things happen when you get wrapped up in visiting a new city and forget to reply the confirmation request mail. And thank God for that. Since I had a meeting in Kitzbühl this early evening I decided to stay. I googled on my iphone … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in Kitzbühl

Where I sleep like a princess.

It is simple, my München hide away.. This pension was established in 1897. During the war it turned into a ladies house, under the name “Femina”. And after the war it host the first Nightclub in München, all to satisfy the needs of the American military that were still hanging around in the area. Don’t expect luxury. No fancy breakfast … Read More

ElmlidWhere I sleep like a princess.

Switzerland, I feed you!

the Bread Exchange is taking a 2 weeks break from Berlin and will be operating in Switzerland! Geneva, Zürich, Basel, Bern, Luzern, Lausanne, Vaduz, Gstaad or Montreux: Feel free to let me know in advance what you want me to bake for you! —————————— And what do I want from you? I want your hidden secrets of course! Pretty much … Read More

ElmlidSwitzerland, I feed you!