TinTin and Coco at once

Bread Exchange once again brought me to a new shore. This time in Glade, close to Geneva. Right on the lake Janine took me to her favorite fish restaurant to show me how proper Filet de Perche should taste.

And it tasted amazing.

The restaurant even offers rooms upstairs and I was lucky to get the last one. Very very simple, but what else could I wish for?


Janine happen to work for Chanel and traded a Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette for a loaf of my favorite Beer Bread with Apricots. Thank you!

Another Anecdote from Gland and Nyon is the 18th novel of Mr Herge “Calculus Affair”. If you, like me, are a fan of TinTin you will love to stay at Hotel de la Plage even more. Apparently Herg√© stayed a few nights in the old hotel building during his work in 1956.

This morning I had a nice chat with the Mister at the table next to me. He is member or the Grand Council in Geneva and gave me his inside tips.

Sniff Sniff, I love to get your best hidden secrets.

Now I am off to stock up with Wines and apples before I head to a meeting in Geneva. Everything taste better with a story behind it. And, maybe, I can make Geneva apple bread for you when I am back in Berlin?


I will tell you soon the story about yesterdays beer bread. It is a good one.



ElmlidTinTin and Coco at once

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