So, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany


I will be trading bread in Zürich until Saturday. Just let me know in advance and I bake for you!

I have two options for you:

Today I have a bread prepared in Gruyere made with water from the Mountains and old gruyere. I used french seasalt and Canadian flour grinded in München.

Tomorrow I will make what I like myself the most:

a Simple White sourdough.

I am only using the Sage I got from Villa Mellon in Kitzbühel. When you skip the fancy ingredientses you will leave space for the wheat and the sourdough. And to me, that is often more exciting.



Beginning of next week I will be working at the press days in München. In case you like to do a bread exchange you just need to write to me in advance and I will bake for you! The photographer Yorrick Carroux has been sweet and offered me his bakery ALOF in Glockenbachviertel. Thank you!

I would prefer to trade during the Tuesday but wednesday morning would work too. I just need to know in advance so I don’t run out like last time.



What would I like to trade?

Ok, so I have this little event coming up in Stockholm in October. It is a breakfast event with all traded dishes from around the world. I would love to have Zürich and München on the table as well. Please write to me if you have an idea or like to trade with me!


And a huge TAHANK YOU to the Zürich guys at Da Tony who let me use their pizza oven on such a short notice. And even invited me to drink Averna while watching the dough rise. I never baked at 315 degrees before (well, maybe at the fire in Sinai). It warned out perfectly crispy and moist on the inside.


ElmlidSo, last Bread Exchange for Switzerland and south Germany

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