Beer Bread for Berlin

Today I have made my latest fav. bread: Kellerbier Brot with apricots. Personally I would have it with Roquefort, but a salty butter will do too. The beer I used is a trade with St. Georgen Bräu in Bavarian Buttenheim. The flour is a canadian Manitoba flour, grinded at the KunstMühle in München. The salt is a sea salt from … Read More

ElmlidBeer Bread for Berlin

Lunch Break

In between store scouting and meetings I made sure to get time for Lunch. I brough my own to the Spanish Royal Riding school in Vienna. ———————– But seriously, I would have loved to do a series of pictures of all the young girl practically hanging over the  stone wall to the horse show. The excited glow in their eyes … Read More

ElmlidLunch Break

Early Birds

I am not sure if I feel very young or very old when I wake up at a time when the kitchen maid didn’t even arrive to prepare the breakfast at my hotel. I remember just a few years ago I was rather the guest that always asked for “let check-out” and “late Breakfast”. But these days are far gone … Read More

ElmlidEarly Birds

WIEN, the first Impression

So far all is good. I have been childishly excited about this trip to Vienna. To be honest, I have not been so excited about a city trip in  a very long time (and believe me, I am always looking forward to traveling…). But there was something about my picture of Vienna that was very attracting. A little bit the … Read More

ElmlidWIEN, the first Impression


I will be in Vienna next week and I need all help I can get. I am looking for classics, hidden secrets and anything stylish in the way that just the Austrian traditionals manage to do it. What I need really urgently is a personal, old-fashioned hotel or pension with class. Do you know of anything? Just nothing modern, when … Read More


I am weak for such things

This is way and beyond and back to being charming. When I go for a night shower tonight my candle is matching the hotel towel. And Bedsheets. And and and. And by coincidence my toothbrush. ———————— Thank you Nicki for trading your book with me! I especially like how personal it is!

ElmlidI am weak for such things

The Breakfast

You might have noticed by now that to me Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I could starve all day but if I do not get my breakfast I am screwed. So, I tend to pick hotels after their ability to make a proper breakfast. At Rösler haus in Fischbachau I experienced the most overwhelming breakfast of … Read More

ElmlidThe Breakfast

The Ladies with Style

I am not sure where to start and I am sure I will not find words that would justify how I feel for this place. Therefore I will keep it short and post you pictures from a heaven on earth. Because heavenly, that is what this place feels like to me. Christine Schmitt and her daughter Amely are running their … Read More

ElmlidThe Ladies with Style

I am excited already.

Especially about the Kompotts. They are the best in this world. My Breakfast tomorrow. I will tell you more!

ElmlidI am excited already.