Early Birds

I am not sure if I feel very young or very old when I wake up at a time when the kitchen maid didn’t even arrive to prepare the breakfast at my hotel. I remember just a few years ago I was rather the guest that always asked for “let check-out” and “late Breakfast”. But these days are far gone by now.

To be an early bird has its advantages though. Today I went to the castle and smelled the horses of the riding school. The streets in the middle of Vienna were empty. I also already packed my bags (I leave today :( I just finished my breakfast (it is 7.18…) and I will now take my bike to go swimming before I have my second breakfast with a client at 9.30. As long as you don’t fall asleep at 22.00 it is all good.


The only one awake this morning was Mr. Ludwig Bernard, Father of the owner of Pension Nossek. He was hanging around in the kitchen. Mr Bernard was born in Chicago and moved to Vienna in the 1930′s. I would not mind his breakfast ether. I gave him some of the sourdough bread from Joseph that I found yesterday to go with it.


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