Thank you no2!

Thank you Johan and Klara at Metro for the very nice article today. I spilled my take away coffee when I saw it on my way to the subway. You can find the article here: Reser runt världen- och byter bröd, Metro October 17 2011. ——————————– Extra thank you to Klara Leo for the pictures and your patience. I know I am … Read More

ElmlidThank you no2!

The Swedish Fashion Crowd like to eat.

No drink lists but an impressive selection of home made hot dogs at last Thursdays press night. AWB and Martin Bundock, again. It is an amazing feeling of homecoming. I have been away from Stockholm way too long.

ElmlidThe Swedish Fashion Crowd like to eat.


I was invited to Burger night in Stockholm. A guest line up including high sensitive foodies and well renominated food journalists. Everyone should bring something. Martin made home made ketchup. The pickled cucumber was of course both home grown and home made. Lovely mustardy dressing, from scratch. I wanted to bring something special. So I pulled my strings and was … Read More


STHLM. early in the morning.

Early in the morning at Fabrique. Rosenlundsgatan 28. I decided to keep the curlers in. Alternative would have been to wake up at 3. Not an option. ————————————- Thank you so much Robert! Thank you Emilie Lindgren for the early morning pictures.

ElmlidSTHLM. early in the morning.

STHLM Preperation day

Tomorrow I have a pop up bakery in Sthlm. I always forget how much work it is to do a bread event. You turn up at a location (if you know me, with way too little time) and you have to work with tools you are not really used to. You work with temperatures different from home (STHLM is SHIT … Read More

ElmlidSTHLM Preperation day

thank you Fabrique!

Robert at Fabrique has allowed me to use his ovens tomorrow for the Bread event I am doing at AWB.  This is always the critical moment when you do a pop up bakery – to find an oven. And to find an oven not to far away from where you are sleeping. Check, I live 120m away from Fabrique and can fall … Read More

Elmlidthank you Fabrique!


Bread Exchange together with A.W.B invites you to breakfast on the 13th October, from 8am at A.W.B, Rosenlundsgatan 36b. Welcome. Please RSVP. —- BREAD EXCHANGE —- I bake bread. If you want it, I trade it with you for almost anything, just not money. I trade for anything that could inspire me, or teach me something. I trade for anything … Read More


Breakfast Heaven in Paris 2

The fruit box was turned into a table. The cheese paper was turned into a table cloth. Julian had the necessary tools. Note his Colette x Opinel pocket knife. Sweet.

ElmlidBreakfast Heaven in Paris 2

The non-snobbish Foodie

There is a red thread going through my friends in the Fashion business: We all love good food. I tend to like people who can appreciate food in general but within my business it seem to be a pretty safe card. They know how to treat themselves well, and that does not always come natural in this business of superficialness. … Read More

ElmlidThe non-snobbish Foodie

Bread Exchange is going home

On Thursday I will make a Bread Brunch for the Fashion Crowd in Stockholm. I will serve them Bread and Butter. And anything that you like to trade with me before. I can trade in Småland, or Öland, until Tuesday. Or anywhere on the road up to Stockholm on Tuesday Night. Or In Stockholm on Wednesday. Just let me know … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange is going home