STHLM Preperation day

Tomorrow I have a pop up bakery in Sthlm.

I always forget how much work it is to do a bread event. You turn up at a location (if you know me, with way too little time) and you have to work with tools you are not really used to. You work with temperatures different from home (STHLM is SHIT cold right now). And different flours then you’d normally pick. But that is part of the fun.

A.W.B. A.World. Beneath. has done great work. They found me an Oven. They arranged with herb, oils, salts, berries, nuts, and all the other stuff you just need. Prepared me with bowls from Marie Levau. Plastic box from Riche. And invited the people.

Huge that you to Emelie and Martin.

I brought the trades you made. Not all, but some. I got the jaoanese charoal. I brought my scale. And my 2 sourdoughs. Manna, from Sinai. And the true companion that has been serving me at all fashionweeks around the world for the last 4 years.

We’ll see tomorrow how it will work out.

I will keep you posted.



ElmlidSTHLM Preperation day

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