The non-snobbish Foodie

There is a red thread going through my friends in the Fashion business: We all love good food.

I tend to like people who can appreciate food in general but within my business it seem to be a pretty safe card. They know how to treat themselves well, and that does not always come natural in this business of superficialness.

I met Julien 3 years ago when he visited my Wood Wood showroom. Of course I served him Bread. I ended up doing a small contribution for his magazine Shoes Up where I presented my breakfast on a tray.

Since then a lot of things has happened. I started my project Bread Exchange and Julien runs since1 year a Life Style Food Magazine called Fricote.

Fricote is different from any food magazine I ever read. It is not fuzzy. Not Snobbish. The food in itself is not fake styled (In some magazines food styling is more like a chemistry class). Just about good food and great stories in settings normally just seen in Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine.

In France being a foodie is easily seen as something decadent.  But a true Foodie is, to me, never Snobbish. Being a foodie is about being openminded and curious.

For me Julian is the true Foodie.


ElmlidThe non-snobbish Foodie

3 Comments on “The non-snobbish Foodie”

  1. Elmlid

    I do not know Claudia but I will forward to question to Julien!
    I am glad you stopped by and thank you so much for you kind words!

  2. Elmlid

    BTW: Any specific city?
    They are distributed to well organized international press stores. Maybe “do you read me?”? Or Issue in Berlin? They are rather sold under “lifestyle” than in the “food” section.

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