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Seriously. Who does not want to send Lotta Lundgren and Emi Guner free clothes?  There are not many other people in the Swedish, or German, Media that I feel more respect for and at the same time make me smile. As a, somewhat overused but oh so true example: If Lotta tells me to cook a stew on my own pet … Read More

ElmlidDeutsche Post

Back from the Islands =Bread tomorrow

After some days on the seaside I am back home with a bubbling dough for you. Once again it is my absolute favorite Bread: Bavarian Beer Bread with Apricot. If you have not tried it yet I really recommend you to do so. I am baking it with a blend of Bavarian flour from the Border to Austria (thank you … Read More

ElmlidBack from the Islands =Bread tomorrow


I think it only happened 3 times over the years that I personally asked for a trade. But last week I could not help it: I was craving for spekkoek. 1,5 years ago, for Easter Dinner, I was introduced to this Thousand layered Indonesian-Dutch Cake (Indonesian – Lapis Legit) that my friend Robin van der Kaa made. It is a relic from … Read More


Please meet Mr. Brendel

Küchengerüchte is a German blog that I got to know through Bread Exchange. Markus Brendel’s blog is a Diplom work where he analyzes the possibility to connect design and food. He presents the Supper club as an ideal Plattform. Somehow he found Bread Exchange (and wrote about it HERE and HERE) out there on the web and we ended up meeting … Read More

ElmlidPlease meet Mr. Brendel

BOLD and Bread Exchange

Today’s Pop up Bakery at BOLD in Berlin. Levi’s Made and Crafted is showing the SS12 collection. I kept 2 Bread for you to trade: Black Wheat Sourdough. Simple and Pretty. Goes perfect with whatever you can think of that matches Black. Pretty much anything. Pumpkin Seed Sourdough. Nutty and amazing. Too bad you missed the concert, the seeds make … Read More

ElmlidBOLD and Bread Exchange

Bread from the Westphalian Woods

Saturday night I traded a Blueberry Choco bread for a home made Wild Garlic (Bärlauch) Pesto from the forests in Westphalia. Today I am turning what we didn’t finished this weekend into a Bärlauch Sourdough and you can have one if you like. I will eat it with a very fresh goat cheese or for lunch with mushrooms maybe? Thank … Read More

ElmlidBread from the Westphalian Woods

Bread Exchange in Berlin on Monday

Monday Bread Exchange will give you: Very Classic Simple White Sourdough bread. It will be baked with Flour from Saxony and salt from the Murray river in Australia. The salt has a very light pinkish color tone. Once again; Bavarian Beer Bread with Apricot. I do not seem to get enough. All ingredients are traded. —————————– Please comment here or … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in Berlin on Monday

City dogs need holiday

My friend Rahel has a Weimaraner named Finn. We all knew that there is something very special about Finn. Finn has been photographed by Mario Testino. And modeling for Stefanel. I would not say that all this fame has gone him over his head. He is still the same loveable soul that he always was. The first time I took … Read More

ElmlidCity dogs need holiday

Saturdays Bread Exchange is sweeter than ever.

But, as usual, sweet darlings tend to match excellent with ruff partners. Like Roqueforts. Or really really old Gruyere. So don’t worry if you don’t have a sweet tooth, I am sure you will find the balance. Tomorrow I will have the following 2 Sourdoughs for you: Blueberry Crusted White Chocolate sourdough. I tried it on friends already and it … Read More

ElmlidSaturdays Bread Exchange is sweeter than ever.

Night trades in sthlm

I arrived at 23.39 at sthlm central station. A weird place to trade bread at. Some brave souls had dared to meet up with me. At the station i got one of the funniest trades ever, a pair of Pantiehose. Magnus, who just quit his job as manager for the Swedish Trade council in Helsinki to work full time with … Read More

ElmlidNight trades in sthlm