The last 4 Berlin Baking Days

The baking madness continues for a few more day. From Sunday I will take a break and not bake for Berlin until the end of the August. Upcoming trading places are: Düsseldorf (25-28 juli) Timmernabben (29 juli-Aug 2nd) Allgäu (5-8 August) München (10-19 August) But, if you are in Berlin, and like some bread, let me know and I will … Read More

ElmlidThe last 4 Berlin Baking Days

Manufactum at Bread Exchange

Manufactum did some Bread trading with me last week. They brought their favorite Fig Jam (can’t wait to try it with Goat cheese!) and Lemon, Orange Grapefruit jam. Yummi!

ElmlidManufactum at Bread Exchange

Bread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

I can offer: 2 Black wheat Sourdough with sage crust (colored with charcoal). I like them since the color plays with my mind and looks amazing with anything you decide to eat with it. They will arrive in Frankfurt on Thursday evening so send me a mail to as soon as possible if you like to trade one with … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange is going to Frankfurt tomorrow!

Coffee for Blue days

Dear Portland, Thank you for making Coffee for days not worth going out. And Dear Bread Exchange Traders, Thank you for trading it with me!

ElmlidCoffee for Blue days

Scones to trade today!

I have been up since 6AM baking scones. This morning the US Magazine Food and Wine from  had pictures shoot at my home. I made 3 different kinds: * Canded Kumquats, carrot and raisin Scones * Choc Chip Scones with Seville Oranges * Raspberry Scones Now I am stuck with an insane amount of bread. Please trade with me. I … Read More

ElmlidScones to trade today!

Midsommar in Paris

I decided to leave the city for midsummer. A hard decision since last year was so stunning here in Berlin. I decided to go to Paris. Paris is probably the 2nd best place for midsummer, if you can’t spend it in Dalarna or at your summerhouse in the Archipelago. I told the story one year ago, but in case you … Read More

ElmlidMidsommar in Paris

Zufall? -Nie mals.

Die feinste Vili in NYC 2 summers ago. Together with my Berries. Love when people dress for the occasion.

ElmlidZufall? -Nie mals.

Give yourself things

I knew I was not going to get it on my birthday. So I bought it for myself. Love Byredo.

ElmlidGive yourself things

If I was a flower

It seems like my friends would say I was a bouquet of wild flowers. It surprised me actually. But maybe my friends know me better then myself sometimes. By the way, when my parents got married they ran off to Gärdet i Sthlm (a big wild field in the city) and picked their own wedding bouquet. It looked as wild … Read More

ElmlidIf I was a flower