Fly Småland

This area is really the forgotten part of Sweden. My Grandfather used to say that when God made the world he first made SMåland. Like a little practice round. He tried all special features and therefore Småland has everything that you need, but in size Small (”Små”). Deep forests, Sandy Beaches, Cliff Coastline, Green Fields and flowing Hills. The soil … Read More

ElmlidFly Småland

Bread Exchange in Småland.

Might be a bit off for most of you but in case you happen to be i the eastern part of South Sweden I would be happy to trade tomorrows Cranberry/Rosemary Sourdough with you. I can meet up anywhere along Emån. Or in Timmernabben, of course. Just let me know.

ElmlidBread Exchange in Småland.

Going Home

From one countryside to the other. This weekend in Sweden. I will stay in a little cabin by the water and have long breakfasts. My parents live about 2 min away on the bike and in between is the local smoke house. Heaven on earth. On Saturday will my brother and his friends team up with mine and we will … Read More

ElmlidGoing Home


I tell you, everyone at the table wanted to stab Michele, takes his plate and run off. I had made the wrong choice of main course. But who would have thought that a Makrele would beat the salmon? Next time I know better. Horse Makrele. Amazing Em Brass in Düsseldorf is still one of my fav restaurant. I know nothing … Read More



Start your day well. White scrambled eggs with basil. Smoked fishes and Gambas. Salad. Kimchi and Korean Soy Sprout salad. (You have to bring your own, they do not offer Kimchi for Breakfast). My Blackberries Yes, I am staying at Bornerhof again.


I do burn.

The Forest is full of Blackberries. And Stinging Nettles. ——————————– I hear my moms voice. Somliga straffar Gud genast.

ElmlidI do burn.

I will burn.

First deed of the day. Waking up all the late sleepers.

ElmlidI will burn.


Some days I ask myself of it is worth it. But in the end I end up thinking that it was.


Bread Exchange in Düsseldorf

If you happen to be in Düsseldorf, and would like to trade a Bread tomorrow night or Monday morning you have your chance. I can bring your loaf and would be happy to meet up in the city. Just send me a mail at

ElmlidBread Exchange in Düsseldorf