Fly Småland

This area is really the forgotten part of Sweden.

My Grandfather used to say that when God made the world he first made SMåland. Like a little practice round. He tried all special features and therefore Småland has everything that you need, but in size Small (”Små”). Deep forests, Sandy Beaches, Cliff Coastline, Green Fields and flowing Hills. The soil was full of Stones so 150 years ago, during the hard starvation years, about 25% of the Swedish population moved to the states. So most of us has a US Family. But that is about how international it gets here.

Still today it is a bit left behind. No proper highway runs through. Ir is not a practical place to stay at. It is really hard to get here. So almost no one goes here.

With one exception –> Berlin. Fly Småland flies here for €50 in 1 hour. 3 Times a week.

I don’t think you can get a Summer house with building permission directly on the beach anywhere closer to Berlin. Atleast not this affordable. From Pberg to my doorstep it takes 3,5 hours.

Pretty amazing.


ElmlidFly Småland

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