Treat yourself well

Today Is my Birthday. Since I had to work I woke up early. I went on an early bike ride through the city. At 7.30 I sat down for Breakfast at Dylans hotel (Kaizersgracht 384) . I love this place. It is modest but with high quality. I love that. The breakfast room is located in the back house, actually … Read More

ElmlidTreat yourself well

I am going to Amsterdam.

For work. I love Amsterdam. But some days you just don’t want to have to travel. Some times you just want to be home with your friends around you. This is such a period in my life. I get extra emotional since it is my birthday. So please boost me with happy Amsterdam thoughts.

ElmlidI am going to Amsterdam.


I never found men in their sportswear attractive (excluded sports such as Tennis, riding and fencing). But who cares. I will be walking around in my sportswear all day today. As usual, it is due to that I was not able to get myself going to the gym early in the morning.  Those days I sometimes stay in my sportswear. … Read More


Detouring Westfalia

So far all good. Factory Hotel (from design hotels) gave me a good night sleep and free work out at Fitness first. All good. Decided to only eat fish for a week. Too much meat and cheese lately. The hotel offered different smoked fish types for breakfast. Perfect. Now off to Sales meeting with The boys are fun. And … Read More

ElmlidDetouring Westfalia

The Little Dragon

She is truly amazing. In every way. ——————————- Thank you Christoffer.

ElmlidThe Little Dragon

Sugar cup Trade

Katharina made a delicious Spread for Sunday. It was a feta spread with cream cheese, herb de Provence, Olives and other veggies. Simple and yummi. My stomach was aching from the milk allergy but I could not resist. There is one thing worse then stomach ache, and that is having to stay away from Cheese. ————————- Bearbeitete foto. Orginal von … Read More

ElmlidSugar cup Trade

Patisserie Film trading

There were some good trades showing up at the Brunch last Sunday. Pati from Patisserie film made a Foamy Mousse with Red Beet, horseraddish and, to me and my Ladies excitement: lactose free Quark. So good with anything. Unfortunately the color is too much with Salmon. But it goes excellent to my black charcoal bread. ————————- Bearbeitete foto. Orginal von … Read More

ElmlidPatisserie Film trading

Powerdinner for a late night

Tomorrow is the big Day. Brunch with Food and Wine. We are working late.

ElmlidPowerdinner for a late night