In the country where there is no Breakfast

I think I understand most food behaviors that I have been exposed to. But there is one I just don’t seem to get. When people do not eat breakfast. I wake up starving and have to hold myself not to eat 2 portions of my scrambled eggs or birchermüsli (I have even googled what a normal breakfast size is, since … Read More

ElmlidIn the country where there is no Breakfast

the Bartering is spreading

More than a year has gone since I traded with the Dutch Jewlery designer Lennebelle. Today  I got a clipping from her where she is mentioned in the Korean Vogue. You are well worth it Lenneke. Thank you for mentioning Bread Exchange as an inspiration in the article. The trading, its unexpected paths, and the people I meet are one … Read More

Elmlidthe Bartering is spreading

Galatasaray 3-1

Istanbuls heart pounds so hard that you can feel it. The city is developing fast and everyone seem eager to show that, and where, they are moving. It is beautiful. I should probably be running the streets to achieve all the treasures there are to experience. But I went to Istanbul to relax. In a quiet side street I found … Read More

ElmlidGalatasaray 3-1

Constantly in the need of holiday

Check out ‘s Advents Calendar where they are daily giving away weekends at different hotels around the world. I am crossing my fingers that we will find the Munich hotel Louis in the Advents Calendar. I love that place.

ElmlidConstantly in the need of holiday

Haferschleim to die for

I might be on of the few not British citizens who 2 out of 7 nights have the following last thought the minute before I fall asleep: Now it is only 8 hours until I get to eat porridge**. Most of the time it is only 5-6 hours until I will actually eat my porridge since I tend to wake … Read More

ElmlidHaferschleim to die for


Anything I should not miss? Any help is highly appreciated. I want to be cleaned by the best hamam ladies in the city and eat the best street food that can be served to me. I look for High and Low.Expensive and Cheap. Fancy and Dirty. I like it all, as long as it is for real. ————————— Gozde, I know you … Read More


HELP and Trade for a good cause

On sunday is our Local Christmas Market, “TOR DAY” in Berlin Mitte. My friend Gonca is impressing me again. Last year she collected money and toys that she brought to support a project called Aktion Friedensdorf. This is a project where children from war areas were brought to German Hospitals in December and January last year. When the rest of … Read More

ElmlidHELP and Trade for a good cause

Baking in the Bunker

Last week Freunde von Freunden came out with their first book. If you do not know their Berlin based lifestyle observations you should definitely have a look at their site. Here is my old post on the book. Tomorrow there will be a small release dinner at the publishers home. Yes, Christian and Karen Boros lives on top of this … Read More

ElmlidBaking in the Bunker


The night was a minor food parade and we travelled from chef to chef to try something new. I ended up favoring Champagne and Fishes at the north German kitchen area. I think it is time to go to Lübeck, Bremen or Hamburg soon. It has been way too long ago. Regarding the ball,  Let’s put it this way; One … Read More


The new book von Freunde von Freunden is out!

It feels weird to see yourself in it but I think they have done a great work. The book gives a good picture of todays Berlin. Well, at least of a particular scene in Berlin. But I like how the styles are really going Kreuz und Quere. Here you find Freunde von Freunden online. In the picture is my friend … Read More

ElmlidThe new book von Freunde von Freunden is out!