Pimp your Porridge

This morning was an early one. My friend Stefanie came by early with a fresh pressed juice. I made porridge. Since we could not decide on which one of  all the exciting porridge ideas we had in our heads, we decided to make two different kinds in a tasting size. 1) Blue Raspberry porridge with Dinkel, Oat, Kruska, Soy and … Read More

ElmlidPimp your Porridge

échange de bons procédés

Today, Friday, I have be baked bread for a Gallery opening in Berlin. I will bake the most simple kind with just flour water and salt. They will be serving it with the raw milk butter. For you I have been baking 2 different kinds of Bread: 1) Half Dinkel Half White. It is still a white bread but it … Read More

Elmlidéchange de bons procédés

What Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

What do you do to not get a bad mood when your first thought when you wake up is the image of your hard-core-over-full schedule? And you wish you had the guts to drop the iphone that has been vibrating the whole night and now shows 232 new messages into the waterglas next to your bed ( if it wouldn’t … Read More

ElmlidWhat Luxurious Swedish House Wives eat for Breakfast

Bread Exchange in Paris today

The Bread is ready to trade with you from 9am. I can meet  with you Anywhere in Marais, preferably at the (capsule) fair. Just email me at malin@elmlid.com

ElmlidBread Exchange in Paris today

Bread Exchange on the Radio

Today at 15.40 they will talk about Bread Exchange at  a program called “Schöne Woche” at Radio Eins in Berlin. ————————– And Eric and Fabian, thank you for the great headphones! Perfect as a headset.

ElmlidBread Exchange on the Radio

Swedish Woods in the Bread

First day of the Fashionweek I will bring you a bread of the most simple kind. It is baked with Canadian flour, Berlin water and Himalaya Salt. Fun is rather in the crust where a purple sparkle of Blueberries from the Swedish woods is playing. It is not sweet, nor sour. I would not say it is a strong taste … Read More

ElmlidSwedish Woods in the Bread

Bread for the Fashion weeks

The busiest period of the year is coming up. Sales Season. It is like a band tour between all the Fashionweeks. Totally exhausting but I love the pace at the same time. These are the classic tour dates for Germany Austria and Switzerland: Berlin 17-20 Jan Paris 21-24 Jan Ddorf 2-4/7 Feb Zürich?? München 13-23 Feb Paris 2-5 March As … Read More

ElmlidBread for the Fashion weeks


Just a few hundred meters away from one of Stockholms most fancy hotels, Grand Hotel, you can stay cheaper than you could ever dream of. From 30 euro/bed you get the exact same view of the Royal Castle and the Stockholm stream. I never had a chance to go, but I would love to. Way more exciting then another 5 star … Read More



I love going to sthlm. It is not my home town, but it feels like it is. When I was younger I prefered Copenhagen.  I thought the Danish capital was way more relaxed, more stylish, less arrogant, more forward thinking and beautiful. Me and my girlfriends were convinced that Stockholm was behaving as the local hero in a small town. … Read More