Anything I should not miss?

Any help is highly appreciated.

I want to be cleaned by the best hamam ladies in the city and eat the best street food that can be served to me.

I look for High and Low.Expensive and Cheap. Fancy and Dirty.

I like it all, as long as it is for real.


Gozde, I know you read my blog sometimes. Any friend of yours that you would like me to bring Bread to in Istanbul? I know, your city is big, but maybe we can work it out somehow. Would be fun!


One Comment on ““Istanbul”

  1. Gozde

    This is amazing news:)
    When you are planning to come?I will have several friends will like to have bread. And me too of course:)
    If you have any chance to plan a trip to Bursa(my hometown city near Istanbul) known as hamam city (Old hamams from Ottoman Empire time, and one hamam from Byzantine time)
    I will write you more soon:)

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