Baking in the Bunker

Last week Freunde von Freunden came out with their first book. If you do not know their Berlin based lifestyle observations you should definitely have a look at their site. Here is my old post on the book.

Tomorrow there will be a small release dinner at the publishers home. Yes, Christian and Karen Boros lives on top of this WWII Bunker in the middle of former east Berlin. For more information on his 3000 m2 art collection go here.

I am baking and my friend Conrad is cooking. Grill Royal is bringing us the meat.

I will make my 2 favorite sourdough breads and one one-off-special:

1) Beer Bread with apricots

2) Dior Shaded White Sourdough

3) Safran Sourdough with Belgian crumbled sugar and Raisins. It is Advent, and I am Swedish after all.

I will save one bread of every kind for you. Email me at or comment here if you like to trade with me.


The FvF book is sold online at as well at selected stores such as Colette and Moma.

ElmlidBaking in the Bunker

3 Comments on “Baking in the Bunker”

  1. kerse_berlin

    omg, malin & conrad in the kitchen together… and the meat from grill! there will be good orgasmns – thats for sure! miss elmlid, i got new jars of marmelade from “mummy frohnau”. i am in for trading for sny of your above mentioned breads. have fun tonight! xoxo

  2. Elmlid

    Kerse Lady, I would for sure have a bread for you! I also have a white sourdough with roasted walnuts (love that the dough already now smells baked from the roasted nuts…).
    When would you be able to trade I will be at the bunker from like 5.

  3. Elmlid

    Since the request for Safron bread has been so big will I try to make it once again next week. You can send me a mail now in case you would be interested.

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