Haferschleim to die for

I might be on of the few not British citizens who 2 out of 7 nights have the following last thought the minute before I fall asleep:

Now it is only 8 hours until I get to eat porridge**.

Most of the time it is only 5-6 hours until I will actually eat my porridge since I tend to wake up really hungry before 7 o’clock.

As you understand I have a very special porridge.

I call it the Magic Coconut Haferschleim

I am starting to think that there is something addictive in the coconut mousse that Carlos traded with me. But I really don’t care. If it is responsible for giving me a great morning mood I do not really care what is in it. Thank you Carlos.

The Magic Coconut Haferschleim

  • 0,5 dl Fibre oat flakes
  • 0,5 dl Dinkel flakes
  • some flax seeds
  • 2,5 dl water
  • some salt

After above has cooked and turned into a classic porridge I take it off the heat and add

  • 1 spoon Raw Coconut mousse
  • 0,5 grinded Charon fruit or Flemish apple sirup depending on my sweet tooth of the day
  • Sprinkle some roasted walnut and serve.

I can not count the times I ate this dish standing.


Maybe I should mention that I probably think 5 out of 7 nights the following thought  before I fall asleep “Now it is only 8 hours until I can eat XX for Breakfast”.

And, I never have these obsessive thoughts about any other dish. It is ONLY Breakfast.

And this is just some kind of guts-feeling-statistic.

ElmlidHaferschleim to die for

3 Comments on “Haferschleim to die for”

  1. PINA

    .. im also one of them, Malin! whereas even in uk i got disgusted looks when preparing my breakfast in the office ;-)..

  2. Marcel

    …100% with you! Haferbrei is one of the best foods. As I don’t put sugar in it I love to eat it with some genuine fruit mix.

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