Last minute ski trip to Austria


Last weekend was supposed to be good weather and we decided to go skiing. But I soon learned that it really has its pros and cons to go last minute skiing. The advantage is of course the possiblity to go where the snow condition are good. Europe is really small so the distances are never really a problem. Last weekend … Read More

ElmlidLast minute ski trip to Austria

Last Minute trip to Stockholm

Last July I visited Sthlm and wrote a little love blog post about a city totally positive and in good mood due to the summer weather. The warm season had returned after 3 cold summers. Swedes live for summer so to get a bad one is like not getting a dose of your life saving medicine. Things can easily feel pretty heavy in the … Read More

ElmlidLast Minute trip to Stockholm

Away Away Away

I have been off. Really off. Away from my computer for weeks. For the first time in 13 years. I don’t think I need to re:launch my food habits but I did actually need a Social Media Detox. Now I am back.

ElmlidAway Away Away

Winter Newsletter

It is still 2013, and I am having Christmas holiday in Sweden. We have no snow this year, but are in a good mood still. Before I get too excited about 2014 I send you a looking-back-letter on the year that soon has passed. If you signed up for the Bread Exchange Newsletter you received this directly in your mailbox. … Read More

ElmlidWinter Newsletter

Marrakech – the Storytellers

  The Birth of the Sahara as told by Ahmed Temiicha  A long time ago, when the earth was very young, it was one huge garden covered in tall palm trees and perfumed jasmine, and the songs of nightingales flooded the landscape with their gently melodies. At this time, all men were loyal, trustworthy and honest. In fact, the word ‘lie’ … Read More

ElmlidMarrakech – the Storytellers

Marrakech – Riad AnaYela

Once upon a time the main square of Marrakech was filled with story tellers. Old men who, with their bare words, were able to captured masses of people by  painting pictures through ancient tales. These tales had travelled through villages. They are capturing a world full of adventures and travel. They  were carried through generations. In these tales the good triumphs over evil. … Read More

ElmlidMarrakech – Riad AnaYela


I used to read tons of blogs. Nowadays I just don’t. Especially I cut down on food blogs as they ether made me full or unhealthy hungry. Working with food already I always need to keep a healthy balance. Also interior blogs has become less inspiring to me. The less time I have the more I rather focus on my … Read More


Girls shopping in Marrakech

The trip to Morocco was actually a work trip. But in the weekend I met up with the great NY ladies Cynthia, Anna and Gisela (who all are writers and now live in Berlin). Gisela was in her right element and took us around on the hidden paths. The panorama image illustrates the mood, the madness and the excitement of … Read More

ElmlidGirls shopping in Marrakech

Bread movie from Marrakech

  Thank You David for  images and even more for this little movie:   Bakery Marrakech from The Bread Exchange on Vimeo.  

ElmlidBread movie from Marrakech

Green Kitchen Stories in Marrakech

The other night  I bumped into David from Green Kitchen stories. David, and his wife (and even their daughter Elsa) are running this inspiring vegetarian food blog from Stockholm. Now they are, just like me, collecting inspiration for new projects here in Marrakech. But there is something with Green Kitchen Stories that inspires me just much as their cooking; The fact … Read More

ElmlidGreen Kitchen Stories in Marrakech