Green Kitchen Stories in Marrakech

The other night  I bumped into David from Green Kitchen stories. David, and his wife (and even their daughter Elsa) are running this inspiring vegetarian food blog from Stockholm. Now they are, just like me, collecting inspiration for new projects here in Marrakech.

But there is something with Green Kitchen Stories that inspires me just much as their cooking; The fact that they are traveling the world with their 3 year old little lady Elsa.

David and Louise took half a year off to travel when Elsa was 6 month. They went on a road trip in California and then to China and continued to Vietnam. During this trip Elsa started to crawl as well as walk. Hearing the connection David has with Elsa, I am sure it was a great journey.

Check out this recent smoothie story from Green kitchen on Smoothies. It is one of my favorites.




ElmlidGreen Kitchen Stories in Marrakech

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