Martin Bundock and TT Testar

The other week I was traveling to Stockholm. It feels like new great spots are poping up with a high speed and I always need to make a new research before every trip (even though I tend to go every third month or so). The first person I ask is Martin Bundock. Martin always knows practically everything new in the … Read More

ElmlidMartin Bundock and TT Testar

Bread Exchange wishes for December

I will be trading some bread in December. There will be some winter sweet versions with saffron (I traded a HUGE amount of Iranian Saffron from a german quality snaps producer in october) but also some simple ones since these are my personal favorite. I would love to trade my bread for anything you have that is special (food wise) … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange wishes for December

Bread movie from Marrakech

  Thank You David for  images and even more for this little movie:   Bakery Marrakech from The Bread Exchange on Vimeo.  

ElmlidBread movie from Marrakech

Bread Baking in Marrakech

As usual I have been hunting for a bakery oven to use. Just like in Kabul, this was no problem at all. Here in Morocco, the local bakery is run by men and the families are bringing their dough to be baked. Every family has their personal cloth so they know which pile of bread they are to pick up … Read More

ElmlidBread Baking in Marrakech

Kladdkaka. The Swedish Chocolate Cake

The night of Friday, the staff at the Swedish prison in Norrtälje forgot to to lock up six of the inmates, including three  convicted for murder, in the cells. The inmates took the opportunity to bake Chocolate cake (so called “Kladdkaka”) and watch TV. -”It was the nicest evening in a long time”, says one of the prisoners. —————————- This makes me … Read More

ElmlidKladdkaka. The Swedish Chocolate Cake

Wine harvest – Behind the Scenes

On instagram and blogs things tend to look perfect. The plates are  filled. Tables are  surrounded with friends. Strawberries are incredibly red. And kids smile or make funny faces.  And the sun is shining. When we did the Friends of Truth wine harvest in Baden the sun was shining about 1,2 hours. Not much. During this short time we faught … Read More

ElmlidWine harvest – Behind the Scenes

Bread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest


Last weekend we drove south-east. Katharina from Friends of Truth wine were harvesting her grapes at Zähringer Vineyard close to Freiburg. Wine harvesting is (or is supposed to be) hard work and you need to eat well so Katharina asked me if I wanted to come down and bake bread as an in between snack. Of course I did. I called … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

Tel Aviv is in the house

I was not aware how poetic the Hebrew language is. Did you know that the words Sadness – עצב- and Create/design-לעצב- has the same word stem? I think that is a beautiful thought. And so true. There is a limitation to creativity if you are lacking the pain. ———————————- I have a friend from Israel visiting me here in Berlin. She brought … Read More

ElmlidTel Aviv is in the house

A moonraker bread for a moonraker movienight

Such an unexpected trade! The green jar is filled with ramsons pesto. I promise you there will be ramsons bread to trade as soon as you tell me that you are ready for making winter soups!  

ElmlidA moonraker bread for a moonraker movienight

Der Berliner Stil

Angelika Taschen has, together with Alexa von Heyden, put together a very nice selection of Berlin addresses that are not to be missed when visiting our city. That they also decided to put The Bread Exchange – even though I don’t even have an address to share – flattered me. On the other hand, I guess the Bread Exchange is … Read More

ElmlidDer Berliner Stil