I like Poland. And Polish people must like Bread.

The other week there was a story about the Bread Exchange in the weekend issue Wysokie Obcasy (high heels) of the main daily Polish Newspaper . If you can read polish, you will find the article here —> Wysokie Obcasy. It is a second very good Polish publication about the project which surprised me (see SMAK here). Bread must really be playing an important role there. Or maybe it is the sharing or the open attitude of the project that suits the Polish people? Please tell me what it is!

I was just send this picture from Poland. So sweet made with decoration :)

I can not read it myself, but thank You Małgorzata Minta for writing about my project! And Thank You Mirjam Wählen for taking the picture!

And if you like to trade a bread with me in Berlin today, I can give you an issue as I will have one extra.


Pictures of birds and bread by Anna Küfner taken at the Polish exhibition at Illustrative Berlin last week.

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ElmlidI like Poland. And Polish people must like Bread.

2 Comments on “I like Poland. And Polish people must like Bread.”

  1. Ola

    I think it’s not only one reason which attracts polish people to your project. We love bread, good bread, and we like good ideas and creative people. You seem to have all of it!

  2. Elmlid

    Thank You Ola for your kind words.
    But, in general, you are def right about that Polish people seem to value good bread, ideas and creative people!

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