Where I like to hide away II


Metohi Kindelis is a almost 400 year old farm which is today turned into 3 very private apartments. Every apartment has its own secret garden with pool and they is absolutely completely private. There are different advantages in every apartment so it all depends on your needs and likings. I choose to stay in the one with the wildest garden since I simply like when things are not too organized. The scent of fresh herbs and roses met me in the morning as I stepped out on the terrace. The garden is surrounded with pomme granate trees so I would love to go back in September/October when they are red and ready to be picked.

The farm is still in use, and is known since it is the islands oldest organic farm. Every morning the fridge of the apartment was filled with new things from the garden, or the area. Fresh seasonal fruit, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey, home made jams and lemonade, amazing cheeses and and and.

One of the apartment has its pool located in a bit more off laying garden, where the owner has planted trees from all around the world that are all growing on the same latitude as Crete. I loved that Idea.

Every apartment has a huge open kitchen with space to invite a lot of friends. Heaven. In the patio there was even a very old wood fired oven!

Danae, who grew up on the farm and returned after years abroad, made me a body scrub out of greek seasalt and olive oil and lavender from the garden. It was such a treat! And so easy to make for yourself at home of course.





ElmlidWhere I like to hide away II

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