Spring Signs

12 of my friends will spend February in Asia (10 in Thailand and 2 on Bali). They are not going together, most of them does not even know of each other. My parents are also going. I am jealous like hell. I am trying to boost myself with good reasons to stay in Germany in February. One nice thing with … Read More

ElmlidSpring Signs

January Morning

No meal is more important. Finnish sour dough. Wild Schwein ham. Swiss Nut Cheese. And the tomatoes.

ElmlidJanuary Morning

Kaviar Gauche

So if I, against all odds (midsummer-night-flower-under-the-pillow-disaster, remember?), would get married this year, I would not mind something like this. A bit Celine. And Berlin. Last nights show by Kaviar Gauche.

ElmlidKaviar Gauche


Few bands has captured me in a concert as strong as the danish band Efterklang. I loved how they were acting as a band. I think it was because you could really tell that they are just a group of friends. And now, there is a movie about them. Or, a movie about them interacting during 4 days on a … Read More


Historische Bauelemente Part 2

This Saturday we were aiming to go to a store outside berlin called “Historische bauelemente”. I felt like a kid on the way to the toy store in December. As Usual things did not start like they were supposed to. Of course was the car the reason for the stress. It was stuck frozen into the ice on the parking … Read More

ElmlidHistorische Bauelemente Part 2


It is a bit weird to see pictures from your own home at someone elses blog. I am flattered. And Lolita, I love your blog. in December – Sunday in November – Beads and Breakfast in July – Freunde von Freunden


Historische Bauelemente

It is very very hard to stop looking at this page. I want everything. It is worse then anything I have ever seen online. I need more money. And I need a bigger flat to re arrange. Holy Shit. This is my porn. So, I would like to open up the area between my bedroom and the living room. The … Read More

ElmlidHistorische Bauelemente

Ett År i Bilder

a late looking back at 2010: Belgium ended up being the country where I spend most of my abroad time in 2010. The Year started in Antwerp. At a very Belgian party in a building by Horta. The usual tour for Wood Wood: Paris-Berlin-NYC-Amsterdam- Sthlm-London-Paris. In 1,5 months time. The Paris magazine Shoes Up wrote about home chill out food … Read More

ElmlidEtt År i Bilder

Bad mood day

Me and my Lily is on the same wavelength today. I will just cut off the sore area and put her in a new vase with some fresh water. Can someone please do this to me too?

ElmlidBad mood day