Historische Bauelemente

It is very very hard to stop looking at this page. I want everything. It is worse then anything I have ever seen online. I need more money. And I need a bigger flat to re arrange. Holy Shit. This is my porn.

Picture 5

So, I would like to open up the area between my bedroom and the living room. The idea is to get an old door to use as a sliding door. It is a simple solution. And I am in love with old doors (almost as much as I am in love with old windows). This page makes me dream away. Do I want an old garden door? Or something from an old Stable? Or maybe just stick to the history of the house and find something from around 1890?

Maybe I should buy the flat downstairs? Then I could connect the two apartments with this spiral stairway.

Hey, the Bathroom! What should I do with the bathroom?!? New tiles?

But, actually, I would rather move the bathtub to the window in my bedroom. It is more relaxing there. Just slide from my bed into the water. But to buy an old bathtub? No, that is over the top.

God, I have to block this page.


ElmlidHistorische Bauelemente

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  1. Pieter

    I know what you mean, these things give a house character, or rather a SOUL. You bring ‘him’ back to life.

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