this is how we do it

Lucia Cats for Jana Yeast, 50 gr Milk, 5 dl (I used oat milk but you can also use 3% normal milk) Butter, 150gr Kesella or Kvark, 250 gr Sugar, 2dl Saffron, 1gr Salt, 1teaspoon Flour, 16dl Raisins Mix butter and milk and heat to body temp. Mix with the yeast. Add Sugar, Saffron, Salt and Kesella. Add the flour, … Read More

Elmlidthis is how we do it

You are supposed to chill today

I woke up way too early for a new years day. I started the new year with a Lucia cats session. Saffron buns filled with a white chocolate cream that was colored black with charcoal. You find the recipe here. Energetic would be a good adjective for 2011. But I will eat them in bed now. ———————————– Lucia cats are … Read More

ElmlidYou are supposed to chill today