Last minute ski trip to Austria


Last weekend was supposed to be good weather and we decided to go skiing. But I soon learned that it really has its pros and cons to go last minute skiing. The advantage is of course the possiblity to go where the snow condition are good. Europe is really small so the distances are never really a problem. Last weekend … Read More

ElmlidLast minute ski trip to Austria

Last Minute trip to Stockholm

Last July I visited Sthlm and wrote a little love blog post about a city totally positive and in good mood due to the summer weather. The warm season had returned after 3 cold summers. Swedes live for summer so to get a bad one is like not getting a dose of your life saving medicine. Things can easily feel pretty heavy in the … Read More

ElmlidLast Minute trip to Stockholm

Katarinas dinner

Just Amazing. If I just get the recipe I will make this myself.

ElmlidKatarinas dinner

NYC Fashionweek and Breadhunt

New York is always inspiring, somehow. There is an drive that impresses me. Maybe it is a economic drive but the result is sometimes suprisingly on the point. Like some LES and Brooklyn Cafes. I can’t stop loving Gitane for being so complete. They keep the “red-thread through-out-the-whole-concept”. Try their Avocado Sandwich. So simple and so good. Or their Orange blossom Waffle with … Read More

ElmlidNYC Fashionweek and Breadhunt

Fee und die Malin Ausflug am Liebnitzsee

Am Liebnitz see gab es: Yam Yam Salad. Leicht gemacht mit Sumi’s Super KimChi. Rinderfilet und weich gekochte Eier sind auch toll dazu.

ElmlidFee und die Malin Ausflug am Liebnitzsee

ausflug mit die Fee

Wir haben ein deal, die Fee und ich. Wenn wir ausfluge machen denn organiziere ich die Picknick. Fee hat ein Auto so sie steht für das Autofahrt. Meistens fahren wir schon ein stuck. Also muss ich mich schon mit dem Essen mühe geben . Heute gab es: Sauerteigbrot mit aprikosen und Walnuss mit scudetto Salami. Recept kommt! Meine lieblings salat. … Read More

Elmlidausflug mit die Fee