Bread Exchange in Santa Rosa

I have 3 kinds of Bread ready to trade today. They are all without yeast and baked with water from Big Sur and Sonoma Salt. 1) Simple White. The most simple kind and what I like the most – Water, Flour and Salt. 2) Santa Rosa Brewed. Baked with the local beer “Pliny the Elder” from Russian River Brewing company. … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange in Santa Rosa

Malibu Bread Exchange

On our way north on highway one we stopped by Dave in Malibu. Dave is a colleague of mine from Levi’s and is in charge of LVC in the US. He is also one of the most warm hearted people I met in the fashion business. Since I had doughs in the car, very ready to be baked, Dave offered … Read More

ElmlidMalibu Bread Exchange

Last chance for Bread in LA

I will be making 4 loaves today. There will be a charcoal Bread and a pink bread colored like the LA sky in the sunset. I will baking in Hollywood, in case it helps your planning. Let me know if you want me to bake for you. —————————————– These are my all time favorite LVC jeans. A 505 from 1967. … Read More

ElmlidLast chance for Bread in LA

The girls have arrived in California

Katrin and I will be roadtripping up the West coast. From LA to Sonoma. I will bake sourdough without yeast and let it take a twist by anything regional that might inspire me. Like the pink colored sky in LA. Or the Kale trend that hit me in the US. We are on a tight budget but are happy to … Read More

ElmlidThe girls have arrived in California

Hello Los Angeles


Dedicated to the smoggy sunset that greeted me when I landed I will bake you a Pink Bread today. Let me know if you are in LA and want my Sourdough Bread. As far as I know, it is hard to get good bread here. ———————————— Does anyone know where I get: A) A good oven in Hollywood B) A … Read More

ElmlidHello Los Angeles

Good Bye NYC

As usual, it is almost painful to leave. I have been eating myself through manhattan and brooklyn. Fell in love with the veggie plate at Fat Radish. I have been meeting amazing people, like Nikki and her cousin at Russ and Daughters. If you have not tried their pickled tomatoes, please do. And loved Spicy eel rolls at Mission Chinese. … Read More

ElmlidGood Bye NYC

Baking for Daniel Humm

To find an oven is probably the most complicated task in the journey of Bread Exchange. Or, rather, it can be hard to find openminded people who don’t think it is crazy to ask them to use their oven. When I found an oven I usually stand in front of an even larger challenge;  that every oven is different. At … Read More

ElmlidBaking for Daniel Humm

The Challenge of Bread Exchange

Every time I come to a new city I go through the same procedure; Where do I get the best flour, suitable for my kind of dough? Who sells the best Salt? I like to use what people trade with me for bread when I travel. I get to try local ingredients that I cannot find at home. At the … Read More

ElmlidThe Challenge of Bread Exchange

Gramercy Park Hotel

Sourdough prep before I fall asleep. Thank you for the support! Sorry about any flour traces I might have left behind on the minibar glass.

ElmlidGramercy Park Hotel

The sourdough also arrived in NYC

Now I just need to find an oven. Any suggestions on openminded bakers that would let me borrow their heat for an hour? It can be anywhere in the city. Even Brooklyn.

ElmlidThe sourdough also arrived in NYC