The girls have arrived in California

Katrin and I will be roadtripping up the West coast. From LA to Sonoma.

I will bake sourdough without yeast and let it take a twist by anything regional that might inspire me. Like the pink colored sky in LA. Or the Kale trend that hit me in the US.

We are on a tight budget but are happy to trade bread with you along the way.

All we need is to Eat, Sleep and Bake Bread.

Therefore we are looking for good food, sweet places to stay, and sometimes to borrow an oven.

Feel free to share your best tips and hidden secrets. And to trade Bread for anything that can inspire and bring this project further.

We’ll be documenting it. And I will write about it here.

Thank you for all your help so far!!


ElmlidThe girls have arrived in California

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  1. Laura K.

    You might try the Basque bakery in downtown Sonoma (across from the city hall) if you are in need of an oven, I don’t know the bakers personally but I know they bake great bread there! There is also a small and friendly “Artisan Bakery” at 21684 8th St. E #400 in Sonoma who are very low-key and nice people.
    I would love to trade something with you if you are in the Sonoma area! I don’t live exactly nearby but depending on the day would be happy to drive the distance :)

  2. Elmlid

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you for your tips, I will check them out!
    Regarding Bread trade – I would love to meet up! Where do you live? Maybe we are closer to your location ether on our way up north or from Wednesday when we drive down again to SF. We will for sure be going to Bake in Big Sur and Santa Rosa (where we are staying on sunday/monday). Looking forward!

  3. Laura K.

    I live in Davis (close to Sacramento), but next Friday-Saturday I will actually be in the Carmel/Monterey area for my birthday, so if that is at all nearby I could make a detour. Is there anything in particular you would like as a trade?

  4. Elmlid

    Hi Laura, at the moment I am not in front of a map so I can not say. From Wednesday I will only be in SF and will not have a car. Until Wednesday I will be on the roadtrip from LA-Big Sur-Santa Rosa-SF. Does this help the planning?
    Hm, not sure what to trade.. Anything that can bring the project further? Or things I just have to try from the region? Love to get good wine tips if you have some.
    But seriously, anything you do or know that can inspire is highly appreciated!

  5. Laura K.

    I could come to SF to trade or pretty much anywhere in the Sonoma/Napa wine region if you end up going there. Let me know when you are baking and I will make a trading trip :) (my email is
    I will try to think of something nice to trade. If you are looking for some good (less touristy) wineries to visit in the region I would highly recommend Robledo Family Winery on a country road outside of Sonoma.

  6. Laura H.

    Hi Malin, we’d be happy to have you stay and bake at our house in Sonoma Valley. We have eggs, veggies, herbs, lots of space and 2 ovens you could use. Let us know!

  7. Elmlid

    Hi Laura,
    So, I will be in Santa Rosa today and would be happy to trade a rosemary bread with you! Or, option 2, I drive to SF tomorrow! I will be in SF for the next 2,5 weeks!
    Looking forward!

  8. Elmlid

    Ah Laura, So nice to see you and Erin yesterday! Thank you for trading the eggs and Rosemary with me! And for your nice posts on the Farmers Black Market!

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