Hello Los Angeles


Dedicated to the smoggy sunset that greeted me when I landed I will bake you a Pink Bread today.

Let me know if you are in LA and want my Sourdough Bread. As far as I know, it is hard to get good bread here.


Does anyone know where I get:

A) A good oven in Hollywood

B) A good oven in Venice Beach

C) A good Organic summer wheat grown flour. Seem to be hard

D) Suggestions on Local salt

2012-10-12 12.41.26


ElmlidHello Los Angeles

6 Comments on “Hello Los Angeles”

  1. Carl

    There is Red Bread in Venice, but I don’t know anything about Hollywood. Hard time not to recommend Copenhagen Pastry between the two in Culver City. Keeping a sourdough alive in LA is an obstacle, the humidity and temperature is unforgiving. And flour… If you find some, make a post about I will keep it for future reference!

  2. Carl

    And yeah, the Handsome Roasters after downtown LA is beautiful, just stay away from the army of the homeless on sixth street if you go there.

  3. Federica

    Well, the insane air conditioning should help keep the sourdough alive… I honestly don’t think the humidity is that bad at all in LA. Try the Monterey peninsula or even San Francisco!

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