Girls shopping in Marrakech

The trip to Morocco was actually a work trip. But in the weekend I met up with the great NY ladies Cynthia, Anna and Gisela (who all are writers and now live in Berlin). Gisela was in her right element and took us around on the hidden paths. The panorama image illustrates the mood, the madness and the excitement of … Read More

ElmlidGirls shopping in Marrakech

Bread movie from Marrakech

  Thank You David for  images and even more for this little movie:   Bakery Marrakech from The Bread Exchange on Vimeo.  

ElmlidBread movie from Marrakech

Green Kitchen Stories in Marrakech

The other night  I bumped into David from Green Kitchen stories. David, and his wife (and even their daughter Elsa) are running this inspiring vegetarian food blog from Stockholm. Now they are, just like me, collecting inspiration for new projects here in Marrakech. But there is something with Green Kitchen Stories that inspires me just much as their cooking; The fact … Read More

ElmlidGreen Kitchen Stories in Marrakech

Bread Baking in Marrakech

As usual I have been hunting for a bakery oven to use. Just like in Kabul, this was no problem at all. Here in Morocco, the local bakery is run by men and the families are bringing their dough to be baked. Every family has their personal cloth so they know which pile of bread they are to pick up … Read More

ElmlidBread Baking in Marrakech

Riad el Cadi

One year ago I received an email from a German woman asking me if I would like to trade bread with her. She had inherited a Riad from her father and offered me to come to Marrakech to bake and stay with her. At that time I was on the road travelling and Morocco was not really possible for me … Read More

ElmlidRiad el Cadi

Happy Fathers Day!

Looking through the  photo albums of our fathers I am  sure we all thrilled about  how stylish they are. This is mine. And I love him very much. ————————- I am especially found of the pic of my father carrying a rabbit in his jacket. An element of style that I never thought of myself.     

ElmlidHappy Fathers Day!


It is almost 2 month ago since I traded with Shantanu, who is running the trading project “Pixel Trade”. He has been living without money for 16 month now, trading his photography work against a bed, a plane ride or dinner on the table. He is back in Berlin this weekend, staying at my flat, and today he uploaded his … Read More


Wine harvest – Behind the Scenes

On instagram and blogs things tend to look perfect. The plates are  filled. Tables are  surrounded with friends. Strawberries are incredibly red. And kids smile or make funny faces.  And the sun is shining. When we did the Friends of Truth wine harvest in Baden the sun was shining about 1,2 hours. Not much. During this short time we faught … Read More

ElmlidWine harvest – Behind the Scenes

Bread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest


Last weekend we drove south-east. Katharina from Friends of Truth wine were harvesting her grapes at Zähringer Vineyard close to Freiburg. Wine harvesting is (or is supposed to be) hard work and you need to eat well so Katharina asked me if I wanted to come down and bake bread as an in between snack. Of course I did. I called … Read More

ElmlidBread Exchange at Friends of Truth Wine Harvest

Aesop in Berlin

Last night the first German Aesop store opened in Berlin. I have been loving their products since I found the Ginger Flight Therapy (together with the B triple C gel a saver for overseas flights) at Liberties years ago. And, thanks to Ellie Kulas from Melbourne, Aesop has also been supporting the bread exchange through trades since 2010. For the opening … Read More

ElmlidAesop in Berlin