Riad el Cadi

One year ago I received an email from a German woman asking me if I would like to trade bread with her. She had inherited a Riad from her father and offered me to come to Marrakech to bake and stay with her. At that time I was on the road travelling and Morocco was not really possible for me to fit in. It did get my head spin though, and I could not stop thinking about it. Now, as the cold november is arriving in Berlin, I was able to leave.

I baked one of my most simple loafs, a white sourdough bread, and met up with Julia in Berlin. We talked about Bread and she told me about her father, the former German ambassador in Morocco. He loved Marrakech and bought house after house which he connected. At one point he turned it into a Hotel which today is run by Julia. Several courtyards, all connected by narrow hallways make you feel like you will never find your way out again. There is always a spot where you will feel completely private in this house.

Apart from the size and all the courtyards here are two things that makes this Riad el Cadi truly special

1) The authenticity. This place is not over renovated. The moroccan furnitures available are all traditional and often antique. It is a beautiful collection. The roof of my bedroom was the most stunning wood painting. The fabric used to cover beds, floors and windows are all traditional handcraft.

2) The Staff. Seriously. This house is run by a very special crowed. I have not often felt this at a hotel.  Several guests mentioned  it at breakfast; such a genuinely friendly and helpful staff is not often found in a hotel. -Anywhere in the world.

El Cadi_Courtyard2 Morocco_Pool El Cadi_Sky El Cadi_Roof


Image 1-4 by Shantanu Starick

El Cadi_Room3 El Cadi_Room4

El Cadi_Room2

ElmlidRiad el Cadi

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  1. Federica

    I am thinking May, seriously. Can you ask what’s it like there in May? I’ll be in touch via email later on (no rush) for info and such.

  2. garryhowel1888

    This really sounds exciting and good time to spend. I too have heard about CADI and want to visit it myself. Please share more info on it.

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