ik verheug me!

This year feels special. I have actually never felt that before. Not even 10 years ago I felt anything special. But this new year I do. It feels like a door just opened and it is all up to me now. Woho! It does not need to be big. I do not really have great expectations. I just feel happy, … Read More

Elmlidik verheug me!

God Jul

This is the first Christmas that I ever celebrated in my own home. I have put myself in officially in charge of the food planning and picked up favorites from the last weeks travels in Spain, Denmark and the UK. Together with my families favourites from Sweden it will be a feast suitable Berlin. I can not wait until tonight. … Read More

ElmlidGod Jul

my dream Kitchen

There are many pretty things in Paris. The nicest of them all might be my favourite Kitchen in Marais. It is not big. There is no window at the sink. It is just very alive. Check out the drawing on the wall. It was made directly on the wall when they renovated the space 20 years ago (it was nothing … Read More

Elmlidmy dream Kitchen

on my knees

It is so ironic. I came back with 5 days of new baking knowledge and ready to dig into new exciting recipes. My sourdough had survived 2 weeks in the fridge and after 2 survival attempts he was back on track. I was so ready to start. I had such a flow. And then the least expected happened: Last night … Read More

Elmlidon my knees

September at Skafferiet

Next door to Höje Bakery there is a small old store, Lanthandel, selling only ecological food. A lot of it is produced in Värmland. It is inspiring and I am trying to stick to what they, and the forest, have to offer. It is not very hard to stick to it actually. Even though I do not like ice cream … Read More

ElmlidSeptember at Skafferiet

to learn something

I have been very lucky and will be able to see and learn at Lars Gustafsson’s bakery in Höje. He has build up a bakery where he only uses ecological ingredients and bakes in a stone oven. First day we started at 4 am. Ingrid had already been preparing since 2 am. It felt insane sick to get out of … Read More

Elmlidto learn something


Last night I took a long walk to see what I will cook the upcoming week. Instead of the market and LPG I went to my backyard – the Woods. It is right between the seasons now and Värmland is then the perfect place to be. Lingon, Mushrooms, Dears. I like.


My little home

This is where I am staying right now. In the middle of the woods. The house is an old school from 1916. Lovely big windows with an amazing huge kitchen. I have the house for myself and I sleep in the old teachers room on the 2nd floor. It is very lonely and it gets really really dark at night. … Read More

ElmlidMy little home

miss Elmlid is going to the Forest

I need a Break. I need to get far far away where only the most important business calls can reach me. You will find me at an address that barely Google Maps could dig out for me. I am excited! I suppose different places are relaxing for different people. For me cities was always the best places to reload my … Read More

Elmlidmiss Elmlid is going to the Forest

den Vilda Jästen

This is how it all started. I felt a big of frustration over the bread that is offered in Berlin. It went so far that I even stopped eating bread and convinced myself it is a way to stay healthy and slim. I fooled myself for about a year. I very much enjoy  to eat so after going to Stockholm, … Read More

Elmlidden Vilda Jästen